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In November 2014, two strangers who are now friends, Jeff Chase and Robin Mazumder, connected over Twitter about having a spontaneous snowball fight. They met for a beer to figure out the details and BOOM, #yegsnowfight was born.


Jeff and Robin set up an email address that people could email their phone numbers to. The idea was simple: they would text people the time and location of the snowball fight 24 hours before it would happen. Within a week of announcing #yegsnowfight, the interest grew rapidly  and within a month, they had received more than 2000 emails from Edmontonians interested in participating!


The first #yegsnowfight took place on December 7, 2014 and was a blast. Hundreds of people from all backgrounds showed up and had an awesome time. Robin and Jeff also partnered up with the Edmonton Foodbank, and #yegsnowfight participants showed up with cans of food and ended up filling a van with donations. All in all it was a blast! Check out this great video (which is the background of this website) from Make Something Edmonton to see what last year was like.





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Jeff (left) and Robin (right) at last year's #yegsnowfight 
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Snowfight 2015



This year, Robin and Jeff are taking #yegsnowfight to a new level - they're bringing the snowfight magic to both Calgary and Edmonton. Calgary and Edmonton are both great cities and both know how to embrace snow! A bit of friendly competition doesn’t hurt anyone – let’s see which city can bring out more people!






How to participate



1. Click the #yycsnowfight/#yegsnowfight buttons above. Choose the city that you live in, as there will be different details for the different cities.

2. Leave your phone number and/or email address, depending on how you want to get notified. 

3. Wait for the text with the details on where and when the snow fight is happening... waiting is the hardest part! 24 hours before the snowfight, you'll receive the text.

Special thanks to Hubzio for donating their texting service! Visit their website to learn more about them.

4. While you're waiting, tweet about it using the #yegsnowfight and #yycsnowfight hashtags. Tell us what you like most about the winter!

5. Show up and have fun!








If you have any questions or if you are media and want to get in touch, email us at





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